Ed Sheeran Reveals He Wants To Have More Children With His Wife

Ed Sheeran revealed he would be “grateful” to have more children with his wife, Cherry Seaborn.

Sheeran was a guest on the “The Open House Party” podcast and he revealed how different his life is now that he became a father last September.

‘I feel like we were so lucky to be able to have one that I think I would obviously love more. But I think we’re so lucky to just have one. So if nothing else happens, I’m so happy, basically,’ said Sheeran.  Sheeran says he feels like he joined a “club” after the birth of his daughter, Lyra. “Whenever you become a parent you enter into this club that all the other parents are in and everyone understands each other,” said Sheeran.

As for how he and his wife, Cherry, manage their relationship as new parents the singer says they take date night very seriously. “Whoever’s in town, even if it’s a good friend we haven’t seen in a while if they want to see us on this certain night, it’s a no, it’s a no,” said Sheeran.

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