Fiji Water Girl SUING Fiji Water

This is the scandal that could rock Hollywood, if not the very world we stand on, to its very core:  The Fiji Water Girl is SUING FIJI WATER!

Remember young KELLETH CUTHBERT . . . who photobombed all the celebrities on the “Golden Globes” red carpet while holding a tray of Fiji Water?

Well, cardboard cutouts of her from the “Globes” have started popping up all over L.A., and she says she never gave the company permission to do that.

She also claims that her sneaky work at the “Globes” resulted in $12 million in free advertising for Fiji, and she wants a cut.

Oh, and by the way, her real name is Kelly Steinbach.  Which is actually kind of a relief to me, because I’ve spent an agonizingly long and pointless amount of time wondering what kind of parent names their kid “Kelleth”.

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