Finally! Someone Clumsier Than Me!

I get into a lot of accidents which have lead to sprained ankles, dents in my car, and, most embarrassingly of all, wiping up a twisty cone on my hands and knees after I knocked it out of the hands of a child in the grocery store.

But at least those were cheap fixes. Which is more than can be said for a man in England who, on September 29th, caused around $6,000 in damage at an electronics store.

The man was innocuously shopping around for televisions when it appears he accidentally knocked over the display sending two large, expensive TVs tumbling to the ground.

To make matters worse, he jumped back from the display in a panic which sent him crashing into a second display, knocking over an additional two TVs.

4 TVs and $6,000 dollars later, the security video made it’s way to the internet for our viewing pleasure.


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