Gwen Stefani ‘My Journey As A Musician Is Almost Over’

Gwen Stefani Is Getting Ready For A Las Vegas Residency

In a new interview Gwen Stefani says that she will put down the mic after her residency in Las Vegas. Stefani, who is most known as her role as the lead singer of No Doubt, says that its not until she steps onstage does she realize the amount of that she has for music.

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“I don’t understand why I like it so much. It is in me. It’s my gift. It’s what I’m here for. So this is perfect. But I’m obviously at thee end of my journey of being a musician…because of my age.”, Stefani said.

Stefani did say she was excited about her residency in Las Vegas because it will allow her to continue her  mommy duties as well be creative with her music. “It’s new, it’s a challenge. It’s going to be a way to express myself.”

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