Hailey Baldwin Says Being Compared To Selena Gomez And Other Exes Makes Her Feel Like “Less of a Woman”

Hailey Baldwin had a lot to say during a Q&A session on her Facebook Live show with her husband, Justin Bieber on Friday. (May 8)

A fan asked, “How do you manage being a couple with everyone feeling like they have a say in your relationship?” Baldwin’s response focused on the difficulty of being compared to people in Justin’s past, making her feel “less than a woman.”

She went on to say that some young fans (mainly Selena Gomez fans) will express their feelings and have no idea about “the reality of a relationship yet cause they’re so young they haven’t experienced it yet.”

Hailey ended on a good note and with a message to those who continue to bash her, she said that she and Justin are good and, “all y’all haters can keep trying, but we’re chilling.”

Do other people interfering in your relationship affect you? If so, how?

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