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Harry Styles Dresses Like a Matador | Instagram InstaTrip

Listener Gabriella was the first winner of our first instagram instatrip

On Monday, we flew Gabriella and her friend to Nashville, TN to see Harry Styles perform.  She had a great time and shared some of her stories with us.

It Didn’t Start Great

“So it’s Monday morning, we’re running a little late and panicking, but we made it (obviously). Our first flight we didn’t have seats together so that was rough, but we slept and eventually landed in dallas.”

But things really started to look up on flight number 2

“Our second flight we were next to each other! Pretty sure everyone around us hated us because we were sharing earbuds and dancing for the first hour, but we were too pumped to care.”


The hotel? Pure luxury. 

“So first off- the hotel staff is so nice and they were all so excited for us. Then we get up to our hotel room and were IN LOVE. I want to live there. It’s so beautiful.”

A lesson learned the hard way.

“We realized very shortly afterwards that getting ready was a mistake because Nashville is still in summer so walking in that heat was a bit of a sweaty mess.  But we had lunch and took a quick nap before heading to the concert!”

We weren’t kidding when we said “Front Row” 

“Once we get inside we show an usher our tickets and she goes “Oh you guys have good seats!” but when she led us up to our seats we didn’t realize we’d be THAT close! We could touch the stage!! We quickly became friends with the girls sitting around us and fangirled together (and exchanged numbers to send each other the videos we each took).” 


👑The king arrives  👀

“Harry came out and we went insane. He must’ve made eye contact with us a dozen times throughout the concert. There was this one instrumental part in a song and he had turned around to get a drink and when he turned back around Sherry and I were being dumb and playing air-guitar and he NO JOKE looked at us and kind of laughed and smiled at us- oh my gosh. That was the best part. We freaked. And if that wasn’t enough, he high-fived us at the end!! We were so sad when it was over.


Quick side-note: I’m really digging the matador look 💃🏻🐂

After the show, she had some pizza, went to sleep, woke up and had donuts, then got home. Thanks so much to Gabriella for sharing her story.

Stick around for our next instagram instatrip by following us on instagram. Another one coming soon.


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