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Certain stores are aimed a certain demographics, but is it okay to shop a ‘teen’ stores as an adult? Or is that just creepy?

Is It Weird That I Still Shop at Abercrombie When I’m Almost 40?

I’m a big fan of Abercrombie. I’ve been shopping there since college, and honestly, their pants and jeans are the only ones I like.

But when I went in to get some new shorts the other day, I noticed something . . . everyone was a LOT younger than me.

I turn 40 next year, and most of the people in the store were teenagers. So I felt a little creepy about it.

Instead of buying what I wanted, I just walked out. Is 40 too old to shop at Abercrombie? Shouldn’t I be able to spend my money where I want?

Owen, 39

What are the age ranges to shop at certain stores? Is it okay for thirty or forty-somethings to shop at Abercrombie?

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