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There are more social media platforms these days than I can count… but are certain platforms only for certain people?

I’m 36 . . . Am I Too Old to Use Snapchat?

I try to keep up with the latest trends in social media, and lately I’ve been giving Snapchat a go.

It’s clear this thing is geared towards younger people. Especially teenagers. But a few of my friends in their thirties use it. I obviously do, too, and I’m 36.

My friends and I send each other silly 10-second ‘snaps,’ and it’s pretty fun. Although, when I’m out in public and I’m snapping, I feel a little weird.

At 36, am I too old to use Snapchat? You know how there are always those creepy older townies who go to young people bars? Is that what it’s like for a 30 or 40-year-old to use Snapchat and Vine?

Peter, 36

Can you ever be too old to use certain social media like Snapchat or Vine? If you’re an older person using Snapchat, what kinds of snaps do you send to your friends?

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