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Is it okay to ask someone out at a funeral!?

My grandfather passed away recently, and the funeral was over the weekend. It wasn’t a surprise, and it was definitely his time. So while it was sad, it was also more of a family reunion.

There were lots of old family friends there too, and it became a way to reconnect with people. And one of them I REALLY reconnected with.

It was a guy I went to high school with. We went to different colleges . . . fell out of touch . . . but realized we’re both back in the area now, and single.

So we set up a DATE to hang out. Yes . . . at a funeral.

Was that incredibly tasteless of me? Will it ruin things down the road, since we reconnected in such weird circumstances?

Wendy, 31

What do you think? Is it tasteless to ask someone out at a funeral?

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