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Do you hate sharing a bed? Is not sharing a bed a relationship killer?

I’ve been dating a girl for a few months, and there’s only one problem . . . if we sleep in the same bed, she tosses and turns all night long.

She told me she’s ALWAYS had an issue about sharing a bed with a guy . . . it’s not just me. She just can’t do it. Apparently it’s some kind of mental block she has.

So either I sleep on the couch while she sleeps on the bed, or the other way around. I read up on it, and I guess it’s a common problem couples have.

One of my friends even admitted that he and his wife sleep in SEPARATE beds, and it works for them.

To me, sleeping in the same bed is a big part of intimacy. Is this going to cause problems for the two of us? I wanna know if other people have issues with sharing a bed with someone . . . and how they fixed it.

Chuck, 30

What do you think? Is sleeping in separate beds a relationship killer?

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