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Kids can be tricky…

I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family, including his two little nieces. One of them is four, and the other is a year and a half. But I haven’t spent much time around little kids, so I was trying to be friendly and joking around with them.

And they did NOT warm up to me . . . at all.

The four-year-old kept staring at me, and wouldn’t serve me any imaginary tea at her “tea party.” Then I was handed the one-year-old to hold, and she immediately cried.

I offered my phone to the four-year-old because she likes taking selfies, but she took it and threw it at my HEAD.

It actually made me wonder if I’ll be a good parent. Is there some secret to getting kids to like you that I don’t know about? Is it because I was there during a family holiday, or am I just bad with kids?

Vanessa, 27

Are there any parents out there who were terrible with kids, but it changed once you had your own?  What did you do to accidentally make a kid cry?


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