My Girlfriend Sings the Wrong Words & It Drives Me Crazy!

My Girlfriend Loudly Sings in the Car,  But It’s Never the Right Words:

Everyone I’ve ever known has at least one annoying little quirk that I have to let roll off my shoulders, and my girlfriend is no different.

Every single time we’re in the car, she always sings along to the music on the radio. But she does it so poorly I want to tape her mouth shut.

We’ll be singing some popular song together, but her voice will be WAY louder than mine . . . and she NEVER sings the right words. I can’t stand it.

If you’re going to sing loudly, at least know the words you’re singing. I always sing the right words.

Kurt, 25

What stupid thing about your  significant other drives you nuts?

Should you call them out or just accept that it’s something they’ll always do?

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