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Is it ungentlemanly of a man to refuse to walk his date home?

I met a guy I like recently, and we just had our first date.  Overall things went pretty well . . . until the end of the night.

We met for drinks at a place close to my apartment, and at the end of the night I asked him if he’d walk me home.  And . . . he wouldn’t do it.

He said he had to get up early, and didn’t want to walk the extra 15 minutes so late at night.

But if there’s anyone who should be worried about walking home at night it’s ME.  I ended up taking an Uber home, and now I feel annoyed about the whole thing.

He’s a nice guy, and I’d like to see him again . . . but shouldn’t he have been a gentleman and walked me home? 

Isn’t that a deal breaker?

Vanessa, 21

What do you think? If your date refused to walk you home, would you go out with them again?

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