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Waitress Gratuity/Tips

Servers work really hard, and make most of their money though tips, so what do you do if you’re married to a BAD tipper?

My husband and I have been married for five years, and we dated for about three years before we got engaged.
He treats me to dinner a lot, which I appreciate . . . and he rarely lets me pay.  The other night when we were out, I realized I never knew what kind of tipper he was.
He went to the bathroom after he paid the check, so I peeked at the bill.  He left $5 on a $50 meal.  I was completely mortified.  I wanted to leave more money, but he would have figured it out.
The service at dinner was great, too.  There was no reason to leave so little.  Should I talk to him about it?  Is it any of my business what kind of tip he leaves?
Julie, 40

When did you find out that your significant other is cheap?  Did it change your opinion of them?

Should you correct bad tipping behaviors?

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