High School Scarlett Johansson Would Not Have Given High School Colin Jost a Shot

COLIN JOST is lucky he didn’t meet SCARLETT JOHANSSON earlier in life . . . because she would have REJECTED him.  And that’s not just me saying it.  This comes from Scarlett herself.


On “The Drew Barrymore Show” yesterday, Drew showed an awkward high school pic of Colin, with his mushroom haircut.  And she said, quote, “Would high school ScarJo be into high school Colin?”

And Scarlett replied, quote, “I don’t think so, no.  Firstly my brother had that same haircut . . . both of my brothers, and I just can’t.  There’s no way . . . I mean who decided on that cut as a stylish thing?  Like what hairdresser was like, ‘I’ll try this?'”


Scarlett and Colin got married in 2020, and have a son named Cosmo who’ll be a year old in August.

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