Jon And Chantel

How Wendy’s Spent ‘National Roast Day’

You may have heard me talking about this, this morning!

While often copied but never duplicated, when it comes to “roasting” fans and other brands on social media, no one competes with Wendy’s.


The fast-food chain spent National Roast Day slinging witty insults at the likes of Sun-Maid raisins, telling them to “stop ruining cookies,” calling Wheat-Thins “stale flavored chips,” and joking that Velveeta is “not even verified cheese.”


Feeling perhaps that his barb-trading kingdom was under attack, chef Gordon Ramsay jumped into the fray, replying with a gif of himself. Not letting the challenge pass, Wendy’s answered: “Creating a food empire off of insulting people to stay relevant? Real original, Gordon.”


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