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I Got Botox On Facebook Live and I LOVE It

About a month ago, I had a live broadcast at Form Med Spa. Long story short, my dear friend Shana offered me a Botox treatment. I had never really considered it and, to be honest, didn’t really know what to expect. Check it out below. 

Super quick, virtually painless, and I’m thrilled with the results. Bear in mind, I have a lot of extra beard happening in my “afters.” What? It’s no shave November.

Resting face

What makes me so happy about this is the dent in my forehead. If you look closely at the “before,” there’s a circle smack in the middle of my forehead and it had a strong crease that ran through the middle of it.

I believe this is from a childhood injury. I’ve had it there for such a long time and always been self-conscience about it. In the “after,” the crease is nearly all the way gone and you can hardly see the dent.

Surprise Face

I’m not kidding when I say I was trying as hard as I could in my “after” photo to raise my brows. They were up as far as they possibly could be. Forehead is smooth as glass!


The “Scowl”

I was told to scowl. Yeah… Turns out I can’t. My face is just too friendly-looking. But I gave it my best.

I have a very heavy brow. If you look right above my eyebrows in the “before.” you can see some super dark marks. Those are almost all the way gone now.


The most impressive thing? My forehead isn’t droopy, my eyebrows raise and lower in a very natural way. To sum it up, it looks super clean and natural. It looks like I’m just very well-rested (which is great because I AM NOT).


Overall, I’d highly recommend giving them a call. I don’t endorse anything I don’t really believe in and I can tell you that I’ll be going to Form Med Spa for all my future treatments.


Form Med Spa is a proud sponsor of Mix 105.1 Utah. Results may Vary.

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