I Just Started Dating a Guy, and He Has Pictures of Us Everywhere

In the 2016 world of dating, we tend to dance around relationships, shying away from official “titles” and dragging things out. So when someone moves “too fast” it can freak you out:


I’ve been dating a guy for a couple months, and things are going really well. But he invited me over to his place the other day, and I got a little freaked out.

We’ve taken a few selfies together, and he’s taken some photos of me too. But he’d printed them out and had them FRAMED.

All in all he probably has about four framed pictures of us around his place . . . and we’re not even officially a couple yet.

Should I be worried? Is he rushing things? Or is it sweet?

Betsy, 24

What creepy thing did someone do when you first started dating them? Did you keep seeing them?

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