I’m Dumping a Guy Over a Couch!

Have you ever dumped someone because of something trashy in their place? Like a collection of samurai swords proudly displayed in the living room? Or maybe the furniture was covered in plastic? Fran needs your help.

I’ve been dating someone new, and I finally got to see his place. He’s 30, and he shares it with a couple friends.

Let’s just say that when I saw it, I wasn’t impressed. It could be really nice, but he completely ruined it.

How did he ruin it? He has a crappy couch on his front porch. And to make matters worse, he and his buddies sit on it and drink beer all the time.

It’s not even a nice couch. It’s old, plaid, and looks awful. To me, a couch on the front porch is the trashiest thing a person can have. So I’m dumping the guy, because it’s a total deal-breaker.

Am I being too judgmental? 

Fran, 33

Is Fran wrong to dump this guy? Help us out and take the survey:

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