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Interviewer Jokes to Taylor Swift That She Needs…What?!

Taylor Swift rocked the stage at a music festival in Wales this weekend, but it’s not the performance making headlines, it’s an interview afterward that’s got people talking.

After the show, Swift was dripping with sweat, as she should be after performing, so BBC’s Radio 1 Greg James started his interview with the star by saying, “It’s nice to see you. I think you need to have a shower now.”That could have gone either way. Luckily, Swift is a good sport and replied by saying, “I agree! And I’m not offended that you said that!”

Despite Swift playing along, fans had mixed reactions. One fan tweeted, “Who the f*** was that interviewing Taylor Swift? He implied that she smelled by saying she needs to shower??”Not all reactions were negative though. A lot of people called the moment “television gold” while other’s joked that the singer’s next revenge song is going to be about this interviewer.



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