Is April Fools’ Day Awesome or Just Annoying?

It’s April Fools’ Day, so expect to see a lot of FAKE products and promotions from brands today.  That’s kind of the tradition now.


A few early ones I saw were a Butterfinger-flavored mayonnaise by Hellmann’s . . . a full-body metaverse gaming suit from the computer brand Razer . . . and an Australian amusement park’s ad for a new underwater rollercoaster.


Also, a random Facebook post claimed Oklahoma was getting its first IKEA . . . then people were angry when it wasn’t true.


So are you a fan of April Fools’ Day pranks in general?  A recent poll found it’s a pretty even split.  45% of Americans think they’re amusing . . . 47% say annoying . . . and 8% aren’t sure how they feel about them.


Here are a few more April Fools’ Day facts . . .


1.  We’re more likely to enjoy pranking people than BEING pranked.  46% of us like pulling pranks, compared to 35% who enjoy being the target of one.


2.  It’s considered rude in the U.K. if you prank someone after 12:00 PM.  You’re supposed to get them out of the way by noon.


3.  The most common reaction to a prank is to smile and say, “That was a good one.”


4.  The top people we’ll prank today are family members, friends, our significant other, and our coworkers.  That includes 7% who might prank their boss.

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