Jennifer Lawrence’s Pretend Ellen DeGeneres Interviews on the Toilet Became a Reality

When JENNIFER LAWRENCE was a teenager, she used to sit on the toilet and pretend she was being interviewed by ELLEN DEGENERES.

So on today’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, they did a bit where Ellen called Jennifer . . . who was supposedly on the toilet.

Ellen asked her what other TV hosts she would pretend to be interviewed by.  Jennifer said, quote, “Oprah [Winfrey], obviously.  A little bit of [DavidLetterman.  But I was really into your show.  So pretty much every time it was a number two, it was you . . .

“I really manifested hard on there.  Maybe that’s the lesson: Take your time.  Don’t rush it.”

She said fake Ellen would ask her questions like, quote, “How did you get so pretty?  You’re probably the prettiest person I’ve ever seen.”

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