Jennifer Lopez Starts Her Day with Affirmation Cards

We finally know a few secrets for how JENNIFER LOPEZ stays glowing . . . and can I say flawless?  She shared her typical morning routine, which includes a box of affirmation cards right outside her shower.


In an Instagram video, she read hers for the day, which was a quote from HELEN KELLER.  It’s, quote, “Your success and happiness lies in you.  Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”



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JLo said, quote, “We’re going to resolve to keep happy, no matter what.  That’s a promise you make to yourself.  I’m going to be happy.  It lies in me . . . my success and my happiness.”


So there’s a tip for you.  Start your day with some positivity and being kind to yourself.  As for her actual GLOW, JLo’s next steps included products from her beauty line . . . a cleanser, a glow serum, sunscreen moisturizer, and eye cream.


Quote, “Sunscreen is really important and it’s been one of my beauty secrets.  Your mom puts it on you when you’re a baby to protect your skin from the sun, and I continued that on into adulthood, and it was a game-changer.”

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