Justin Bieber Can Do Other Things Besides Sing

Looks like quarantine is improving some of Justin’s skills!

One of the highlights of quarantine has been watching Justin and Hailey Bieber on social media while they isolate at their Ontario, Canada mansion.
The couple has been doing TikTok videos, having movie nights and showing off their dance routines but it was a recent Facebook Watch episode of “The Biebers on Watch,” which revealed Justin has a surprising skill.

“Hailey let me do her make-up,” Bieber captioned a clip where he is seen overlooking a table full of makeup, “I have no idea where to start.” Justin buffed Hailey’s foundation, brushed on some light eyeshadow, and gave her lips a hint of color, and Hailey seemed to be pleasantly pleased with her look.

Would you allow your man to do your makeup?

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