Justin Bieber’s “Changes For Justin” Challenge Is Rapidly Growing

The Inspiring Responses to Justin Bieber’s “ChangesforJustin” Challenge Will Blow Your Mind.

Justin Bieber has gotten a great response to his “Changes For Justin” challenge. The “Yummy” singer has been giving his Beliebers a glimpse at his transformation via his YouTube series, Seasons.
Now his fans are getting in on the action by sharing their struggles with anxiety, depression and coming out by participating in the “Changes For Justin” campaign.



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“What you guys are putting out there is so powerful. We are in this together. I love you. #ChangesforJustin I keep watching and reading them both on here and YouTube and I’m so grateful,” Bieber wrote Sunday evening on his Instagram.


Fans did videos talking about how Justin’s music has helped them cope and motivate them. Justin’s “Changes” album is due out on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

Has Justin Bieber’s music inspired you in any way? What song or which artists inspire you most?

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