Katy Perry Spoke About Suicidal Thoughts After Split From Orlando Bloom In 2017

Katy Perry opened up about her breakup with Orlando Bloom in 2017 saying that she had thoughts of suicide.

Her album Witness wasn’t the hit she thought it would be and she said she had a hard time dealing with the failure. “I had broken up with my boyfriend, who is now my baby daddy-to-be, and then I was like, excited about flying high off the next record and the record didn’t get me high anymore…well, the validation didn’t get me high,” said Perry. “And so I crashed. I just crashed.”

Perry says the time was “necessary brokenness” that she needed at the time because she was a “thirsty pop star.”

Perry deals with bouts of depression differently calling gratitude “the thing that saved her life.” “If things get really, really hard, when I’m in a shi**y mood — which, I can swing — I just walk around and go, ‘I’m grateful, I’m grateful! And that’s been my light at the end of the tunnel.”

What ways do you deal with depression or pull yourself up when you’re having a hard time?

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