Kelly Clarkson’s Simple Diet Revealed

How She Lost Weight & Feels Great

Kelly Clarkson is finally revealing how she lost 40 pounds and looks so amazing! “Kelly has been able to lose weight by following a real simple diet plan. She has cut out a significant amount of sugar from her diet and increased her vegetable intake,” a source tells

Kelly focused on portion control, exercising with her trainer and eating salad for lunch. She also stopped drinking soda. Clarkson hasn’t been this thin since her wedding day in 2013.

Clarkson has been trolled about her weight since having her first child, River Rose, in 2014 then two years later she had a son, Remington making it difficult for her to lose the baby weight.

My baby girls first performance and she NAILED IT!!!! #DiscoDiva #RiverRose

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Kelly is good at not letting the pressure of her image define her. She recently fired back at a person who called her “fat” on Twitter. Kelly’s response was amazing…”and still f***ing fabulous!”

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