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Kylie Jenner & Taylor Swift Get Called Out For Their Tipping Habits

Celebrities are being called out for their tipping habits on TikTok.

One user who goes by @stevienickstw1nk posted a video with a sad face and captioned it, “me delivering an order for d**rd*sh to a very rich recording artist’s house in the Hollywood hills where my car was huffing and puffing to get up their driveway for them to just tip me $2…LOL>.”

@stevienickstw1nktook me almost a half an hour to get up to them LOL me un-adding their songs :/

♬ Silk Chiffon (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) – MUNA

The post opened the floodgates for other food delivery drivers to share their experience. One user posted, “Naurrr bc I DoorDashed for Kylie Jenner and the order was over $250 and she tipped $2.”

Another said, “I doordashed for Taylor Swift and she actually tipped me $50.”

Other good tippers include Trey Songz, Charlie Puth, Normani, who tipped 100 percent.  Those who have a habit of not tipping well include, Donald Glover, Jason Derulo, a “Riverdale” star, Tana Mongeau and Tyler the Creator.

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