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Lady Gaga Got Her Dogs Back, But the Thieves Are Still on the Loose

LADY GAGA’s two stolen French Bulldogs . . . Gustav and Koji . . . are back at home.


They were recovered on Friday evening . . . nearly two full days after they were stolen by thieves who ambushed and shot her dog-walker in Hollywood.


A woman turned the dogs into the police.  TMZ says the they were found tied to a pole in an alley, “miles away” from where they were abducted.  As for the reward, Gaga will “gladly” pay the $500,000 to the finder.


There are no specifics on how or when the woman will be rewarded, but Gaga is currently in Rome working on a movie.


The suspects are still on the loose.  The LAPD says they’re looking for two Black men in their early 20s . . . one with blond dreadlocks.


One of them was armed with a semi-automatic handgun.


The dog-walker Ryan Fischer is expected to make a full recovery.  His family said he’s “receiving extraordinary care in the hospital.”


And Gaga said, quote, “I continue to love you Ryan . . . you risked your life to fight for our family.  You’re forever a hero.”


The fact that the dogs were abandoned by the thieves so soon seems to suggest these guys had no idea they were stealing Gaga’s dogs . . . and they probably panicked when the news blew up.


They also never contacted her with a ransom demand.  So it seems like the plan was just to sell them, since French Bulldogs can be very expensive.


There’s also this:  TMZ says that Ryan and the dogs weren’t just making a trip around the block.  They’d walked down to a liquor store . . . and were on their way back.  The store was seven blocks away from the site of the attack.



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The liquor store is on Sunset Boulevard, a major street in Hollywood . . . so it’s possible that the thieves saw Ryan and the dogs either around the liquor store, or walking along Sunset, and then ambushed him when he’d turned onto a quieter, residential street.

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