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Another Valentines Day has come and gone… did you feel the love? Tonya certainly didn’t…

My husband did NOTHING for Valentines Day.. Well..a quick Happy Valentines honey and he offered to cook dinner because he didn’t make reservations.
Really? Couldn’t even get a cheapo card? He usually surprises me with something so I don’t worry about making plans or reminding him. He said he’d just been busy and forgot.
I know he works hard, but really? Go to a gas station, pick up take out.
Then he had the nerve to want to “go camping” that evening and was surprised I shut him down. He makes good money.
I’ve never held things over his head but I think I may just put him in the dog house until he gets me an “I’m sorry” bauble as my friends have mentioned.
Am I being a jerk or should he make it up to me?​
-Tonya, 36

What do you think? Does a man need to make up for a bad Valentines Day?

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