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Isabella is using men’s fear of commitment to get rid of em’… is that fair?

I had a date on Saturday with a guy I met at a bar a few weeks ago.  And I was really looking forward to it, he’s good-looking, successful, and it seemed like we had a lot in common.
But when I got there and we started talking, it was terrible.  It was like pulling teeth to get him to talk, and when he DID, he was really pretentious.
After a few hours and several drinks, I whipped out my go-to way of getting out of a bad date:  I told him I can’t wait to get married and have lots and lots of babies. It freaked him out, and ten minutes later, we parted ways. 
Is my excuse an ingenious way of leaving a bad date?  Or is it mean?
Isabella, 30

What’s your go-to excuse for getting out of a terrible date? Does it always work for you?

What do you think? Is lying a dishonest way to get out of a bad date? 

Take the survey:

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