Lady Logic Survey – November 4, 2014

For some reason Bill is shocked to learn that some women get scared when they’re home alone….
A friend of mine (married lady) told me that if her husband is out of town and she comes home to the house, she enters the place kind of assuming that there’s an intruder somewhere in their house.
There’s no sign what so ever of a break in, but still, in the back of her mind she’s preparing to find a home invader. She’ll actually call out in a loud voice “Honey, WE’RE home!!” as sort of a signal to any wood-be intruder. Like, she’s home and she brought back up.
I mentioned this to my wife and she wasn’t surprised at all. She told me ALL women do this in one form or another. Her form? She does a “sweep” of the house making sure to check all of the bedrooms.
I asked what she’s looking for when she “sweeps” the house. Without missing a beat and with a straight face she says, “the killers!”Really? Do all women do this?
Bill, 38

What do you think? Do you do this? Do all women do this?

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