Jon And Chantel

Live From Harmon’s in the District | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras Nov. 7th

Jon follows through with his punishment, Justin finds a new “sport,” and Jackson has some strong words about Christmas Music.

Plus an interview Rose Winquist, the private investigator hired by Susan Cox Powell’s family to look deeper into the case.

All as we broadcast live from the Harmon’s in South Jordan for the Mix Family Food Drive.

Listen to “11-7-2017” on Spreaker.


Show Extras

Jon Shaves Half His Face
At the beginning of the world series, Jon and Justin made a bet. Jon picked the Dodgers. Justin picked Houston. Loser had to shave only half his face and keep it that way for a week. Well… Jon had to pay up today.


Huge shout out to our fancy barber, Anthony.

Interview with Rose Winquist
On December 9th, 2009, Susan Cox Powell disappeared from West Valley never to be seen again. Less than a week later, her husband Josh Powell was named a person of interest in her disappearance, but never charged.

Josh lost custody of their two boys to Susan’s parents. But during a supervised visit, he committed murder-suicide, killing the young boys and then blowing himself up. Many see this as an admission of guilt.

But so many questions remain. Why did Josh’s brother kill himself sever months after Josh? Are there still leads in the case? And most importantly: where is Susan’s body?

We are talking to Private Investigator Rose Winquist who was hired by the Cox family’s attorney to look deeper into the case.

Listen to “MMF Interview With Private Investigator Rose Winquist” on Spreaker.

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