Local Utah Bar Owner Says Having Post Malone Film A Commercial In His Bar “Was Pretty Wild”

A small Utah bar got a Hollywood makeover for Post Malone’s Bud Light Super Bowl commercial.

Brewskis, now nicknamed, “Posty Bar” was the backdrop for the Bud Light #PostyBar Super Bowl commercial and the co-owner, Evan Parker says the Ogden, Utah bar was chosen because its, “rugged and authentic.”

The “Posty Bar” Bud Light commercial was one of two that was filmed for the big game, the other commercial titled, “Posty Store” won the fan vote and was aired during the Super Bowl game.

Parker says a 70 person crew came in to renovate the bar for the commercial shoot and was bombarded with Ogden police and fans who came to catch a glimpse of the “Circles” singer.

Post Malone, who lives in Utah, was “polite and professional” recalls Parker. The co-owner is happy about the attention his bar has received since the commercial shoot, “People are like, ‘Oh, you know that’s in Utah,’” Parker said. “So, I think the repercussions are 100-percent positive.”

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet. Take a look.

Which was your favorite Post Malone commercial? #PostyBar or #PostyStore?


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