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It’s always an awkward moment when the check comes on a first date… women, like Tina, are often left wondering what to do:

I’ve been on a few dates recently, and whenever the bill comes there’s an awkward moment where I don’t know what to do.
I always offer to split the bill, and occasionally I offer to pay the whole thing.  But guys rarely take me up on either, and almost look surprised.  Inevitably they end up paying . . . even if I insist.
Truthfully, I couldn’t care less who pays, I have financial security.  But I just want to know . . . am I making things more confusing by offering?
Tina, 26

Guys, do you prefer women who offer to pay when you go out on a date?

Does it turn you off when they DON’T offer?

What about splitting the bill . . . is that even a thing these days?

Take the survey:

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