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Does Your Significant Other’s Ex Ever Make You Feel Inadequate?

I’m a very confident guy.  I’ve got a great job, I’m relatively decent looking, and I’m fit.  Very little can make me feel inadequate.
I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about two months, and I just found out way more than I need to know about her ex-boyfriend.  Mainly, he’s a Navy SEAL.
I’ve never even met the guy, but I’m already feeling like less of a man.  How can any guy compare to a modern day SUPERHERO?  Not only that, she went out with the guy for three years.
I know I shouldn’t feel this self-conscious, but I do.  Am I being completely ridiculous?  Or would other guys feel the same way I do?
Allen, 34

What about your significant other’s ex makes you feel totally inadequate? Do you ever compare yourself to them?

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