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Ordering for someone, some find it romantic, some find it insulting:

I met up with some friends over the weekend, and we had a big group dinner at a Thai place I’d never been to.
But my friend brought her boyfriend, who HAD been there before . . . many, many times.  So instead of asking us what we wanted, he ordered for everyone at the table… including me and my girlfriend.
It felt weirdly emasculating.  I don’t want some other dude ordering for my girlfriend, or me.  I get that he knew the food and he’d been there before, but I still didn’t like it.
Now I understand why a lot of women hate when guys do this stuff for them.  Am I being a baby?  Or do other guys agree that he crossed a line?
James, 38

Men, what did another guy do that made you feel emasculated?  Or, what will you absolutely NOT tolerate another guy doing around you?

Is ordering for someone else ever okay?

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