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Marriage is hard work:

I’ve been married for 4 years, and like any marriage, we have had our ups and downs.  But, despite any problems we’ve  had we always take a summer vacation to someplace tropical. It is a week where we unplug from everything and take time to re-connect.
Well, after a contentious weekend, my husband suggested to me on Sunday that we should consider taking separate vacations this summer. He thinks that this year, it might actually be best for us to take a week apart to “get some perspective” and “learn to miss each other,”  he says it will ultimately be beneficial to our marriage. 
I am devastated by the request and don’t like the idea one bit. But I’m worried that if I force him to vacation with me, we will end up fighting the whole week because he doesn’t want to be there.
 Do other couples take separate summer vacations and if so, do they find that it helps their marriage?

 What do you think? Are separate vacations helpful or hurtful for marrages?

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