Man Panel Survey

Nate is stressing out about Thanksgiving, here’s why:
This year we are having Thanksgiving Dinner at my house. The entire family is coming, but there is one problem. 
My sister is dating a loser. I mean a serious loser. She wants to bring him to Thanksgiving Dinner as he doesn’t have any family in town.
This guy once spent time in prison for burglary. She says that was many years ago and he has grown up. But all I see is a stoner loser that will have access to my home to steal stuff on Thanksgiving. 
My wife doesn’t want him here, I don’t want him here…but my parents have begged me to let her bring him since it’s the holidays. 
What would you do? Should I tell her that she can’t bring him?
Nate​, 36
Should he set aside his feelings about his sister’s boyfriend?
Or should he put his foot down and say he’s not welcome?
The the survey:

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