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When does flirting go too far? Natalie is starting to get fed up with her boyfriend’s flirty ways…

My boyfriend of 2 years flirts with women EVERYWHERE we go and I want him to stop. I feel lucky to be going out with a super hot guy, but I don’t think that I should have to deal with him flirting with other women all the time because of it.
Let me be clear, sometimes the women start it, but he seems to have no problem continuing to flirt and sees nothing wrong with it. It makes me wonder what he says to these women when I’m NOT around…
He claims he’s “just a friendly guy.” He also claims he does it because he gets lots of discounts on stuff for us. I enjoy the discounts but I don’t think it’s worth watching him charm other women and telling them they’re beautiful.
Can I tell him he has to stop? Or do I accept that it’s just way he is?

What do you think? Is flirting okay if you’re in a relationship?

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