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Sarah wants to know is it better to fade out, or to tell a date straight up that you’re not interested?

I’ve been going on a lot of dates lately with different guys.  Many of them I’m not interested in… and many of whom ask me for a second date.
I always hated when guys would pull the ‘fade out’ after a date. Where they stop calling and responding to you, and you have no idea what happened.
So, I’ve been telling guys straight up that I’m not interested in a second date, I say there wasn’t any chemistry, but I wish them well and hope they meet someone.
A lot of guys seem mad when I tell them. 
Is there any good way of letting someone know you don’t want to go on any more dates? Should I just do the fade out instead?
Sarah, 27

Would you prefer a date to fade away and never talk to you again… or would you like to be told straight that they’re not interested in seeing you?

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