Meet the Corgi Running For Student Body Office

Finally, a candidate we can call get behind.

Reggie Bee started his career at University of Michigan as a therapy dog. But now he’s hoping to be the student body president. 

Posted by Reggie Bee for CSG President on Friday, March 16, 2018


What started as a joke quickly turned into a serious campaign. He has nearly 800 followers on his Facebook campaign page and over 4,000 friends on his personal Facebook page. His owner has taken him to the school for two years for stressed out students to pet and play with. 



Since dogs can’t technically be on the ballot for student government, he’s been running as a write-in candidate. But based on his reviews, I don’t think that will be an issue. 




This all ended yesterday when the student body voted. Reggie posted online that, while campaigning has been fun, he withdrew is candidacy his candidacy. He claims that a lot of his good friends are running for president and he thinks they’d do a better job than him.

So he gave up running for office in favor of running for bunnies. 


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