Meghan Trainor Apologizes for ‘Drag Race’ Onesie, Denies Stealing Food

For some strange reason, Meghan Trainor has been trending on TikTok because of an outfit she wore during season 9, episode 5 of Drag Race.

The singer literally is being drugged for wearing a unicorn onesie on set.  “I can’t believe Meghan Trainor wore a unicorn onesie on the set of the most glamorous show in history,” one viewer tweeted.

To make matters worse of the contestants from the show said Meghan stole another contestants sandwich.  “Lmao…why,” Trainor replied to the accusations. “didn’t eat anyone’s sandwich hahahaha i promise.” Meghan also apologized for wearing the onesie saying she didn’t have time for an outfit fitting so she asked producers if she could wear her onesie.


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