Monroe’s Weight Loss Blog: Week 1

Ok, I’m doing it!  I’m going to finally get these winter pounds I put on…OFF!  Honestly, I haven’t completely lost all my pregnancy weight either, from 5 years ago!


I have tried it all.  The weight-loss shakes, protein bars, various workout DVD’s and classes, even just plain STARVING myself.  It’s not working.  I’m still gaining, not seeing results, bored and not being held accountable.

What I really need is education.  I need to know why I’m gaining, what I’m doing wrong, and quite frankly…I NEED HELP!


So I’m sending out my SOS to the pros at MD Diet.  They’ve been around for 40 years.  Unlike those kits you buy on the internet or MLM, they take the time to educate you, and ACTUAL NUTRITIONAL Professionals do it!  You may have some guy named Sven in mind that yells at you while you’re doing push-ups…nope.


The medical professionals at MD Diet don’t wear drill sergeant gear either.  They wear scrubs and have degrees!

The first step at MD Diet is to take a class.  What a concept right?  This is EXACTLY what I want from a weightloss clinic.  TEACH ME WHAT I’M DOING WRONG!


I will be updating my blog every step of the way, so you can see for yourself how this is working for me.  The road might be bumpy, I may whine a little, BUT I’m determined, I have to fit in a swimsuit I like this year, and I can’t wait!



Join me! We can do it together and cry on each others shoulders about not getting to eat Cheetos.

MD Diet has a location in Salt Lake and Orem.

Call today 801-293-2100


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