Monroe’s Weight Loss Blog: Week 2 The Class

I had my first meeting at MD Diet.  It’s actually a class.  Imagine that?  A class about why you gain weight and how to eat better.

I am BLOWN away!

I have been trying to lose this weight for a year and finally learned what I was doing wrong!

Here’s how my morning used to look:

Wake up at 6am

Get ready, get to work at 7am

Have coffee and FINALLY eat breakfast around 8am.

Problem 1:  If you don’t eat within 1 hour of waking up your body goes into starvation mode.  In other words…my body starts storing fat!

But there’s more…

My OLD Menu:

Breakfast:  Protein Bar

Lunch: Protein Bar

Dinner:  Whatever I wanted

Problem 2:  “Protein.”  If a protein bar has 7g of protein, it can be labeled as “high protein, ” but that is NOT ENOUGH Protein to get the job done.

Problem 3:    Carbs.  Protein has to be 3 TIMES higher than carbs in order for your body to fully digest the carbs and not store it!

After running home and looking at my protein bars, I found that I was in fact eating a bar with 7g of protein, 24g of carbs and 15g of sugar!!!

So first thing in the morning I would put my body into starvation mode, filling up on carbs and sugar during the day, and then thinking I’d earned myself a pizza for dinner.

No wonder I was gaining weight!!

So now I’m armed with all this great information, the next step is to do a 3-14 day detox diet.  I can’t wait to get this started!!  Don’t forget to check back for updates!

Join me! We can do it together and cry on each others shoulders about not getting to eat Cheetos.

MD Diet has a location in Salt Lake and Orem.

Call today 801-293-2100


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