Movie Review- “Kingsman” and “Ninjago”

Luke Hickman from is in to talk about two films opening this weekend.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle  (R)  Trailer

Taron Egerton returns as the top agent of a secret spy organization called the Kingsman.  When their headquarters is destroyed, Eggsy and his boss turn to their American allies in “Statesman” for help in tracking down the person responsible.

Julianne Moore is the leader of the drug cartel that attacks him.

And Jeff Bridges leads the American spies, whose agents include Channing Tatum and Halle Berry.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie  (PG)  Trailer

An animated flick based on the LEGO set and its 2011 TV series.

Dave Franco is Lloyd the green ninja who rises up to fight his evil warlord father Garmadon.  Jackie Chan plays his ninja trainer Master Wu, and Justin Theroux plays the evil warlord . . . who pronounces his son’s name Luh-Loyd, sort of like A-A-ron.

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