Movie Reviews- “American Assassin” and “Mother!”

Luke Hickman from is in to review two films this week:

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1.  American Assassin  (R)  Trailer

Dylan O’Brien from the “Maze Runner” movies is a CIA recruit who wants revenge against terrorists who killed his fiancé, and Michael Keaton is the guy who trains him.

They go up against a rogue agent who went through Keaton’s same training program and is now building a nuke.  He’s played by Taylor Kitsch from “Friday Night Lights”.

Dylan’s character is the hero of a series of books about undercover counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp.

There are 16 books total and the most recent one, Enemy of the State, just came out on September 5th.  The first 13 books were written by Vince Flynn, then a guy named Kyle Mills took over after Vince lost his battle to prostate cancer in 2013.


Mother!  (R)  Trailer

Javier Bardem is a famous poet living in seclusion, and Jennifer Lawrence is His wife, who becomes increasingly disturbed as He welcomes strangers into their home.

Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are the first uninvited guests to arrive.  And it’s not long before Jennifer’s confusion turns to horrified reactions as dozens of people invade and desecrate the paradise of her home.  “SNL’s” Kristen Wiig is also in it.

It’s written and directed by “Noah” and “Black Swan” director Darren Aronofsky.  It’s been getting mixed reviews and some people just won’t get it.  But the reviewer for the New York Times absolutely LOVED it.

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