My Brother-in-Law Got Drunk and Told Me I’m “Gorgeous”

When is a compliment just a compliment and when is it more?

I just broke up with my boyfriend, so my sister and her husband invited me over for dinner to cheer me up.

My relationship was only four months long, and it didn’t end well, so I’ve been a little depressed.

Well, at dinner, we all drank WAY too much. I was pretty drunk, and my sister’s husband was definitely drunk. When she left the room, he leaned in and whispered something to me.

He said, “Your ex is a jerk because you’re gorgeous, and any guy would kill to be with a girl like you.” I know he was trying to be nice, but it made me feel weird.

Should my brother-in-law say how attractive he thinks I am? Does this mean he’s secretly into me?

Jenny, 24

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