My Brother Teaches My Kids the Most Annoying Pranks

Everyone had a cool aunt or uncle, but now that you’re the parent, how do you deal with your siblings & their influence on your kids?

I have two little girls . . . one is four, and the other just turned two. I also have a younger brother who’s 32, so he’s definitely the “cool uncle” to them.

But he’s always teaching them pranks without asking me first . . . like when he taught my oldest daughter to put people’s shoes in the freezer.

Let’s say we’re having people over. We have a ‘no shoes’ policy in our house. So my daughter will wait until our guests are distracted, then shove their shoes in the freezer.

Then when it’s time for them to leave . . . yeah. She gets them out and they have to walk home with cold feet.

Not only that, but my brother taught her to LIE about it. When people realize the shoes are gone, my daughter immediately goes, “They’re not in the freezer!”

Shouldn’t he check with me before he teaches her this stuff? Is he teaching her too many mean pranks?

Michelle, 38

What do you think? What’s the worst thing a family member or friend taught your kids without you knowing?

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