My Friend’s Ex-Wife Uses Their Kid to Get Back at Him

Children often suffer the most in bitter divorces, but what can you do if your ex is actually using your child as a pawn?

My friend and his ex-wife have a pretty contentious relationship. Things between the two of them didn’t end well.

They’re divorced now, but they have a seven-year-old son. And his ex-wife totally uses their kid to get back at him.

She’ll give him these stupid hipster haircuts where the sides are shaved and he has longer hair in the middle. He looks like ROBERT DE NIRO in “Taxi Driver”.

He keeps telling her to stop doing it, but she won’t. So he literally has to get the kid’s hair cut every two or three months when she does it.

I can’t imagine using a kid as a pawn to get back at your ex-husband or wife, but maybe it’s more common than I realize. 

Should he confront her about using him as a pawn?

Leslie, 46

How did YOU get back at an ex?

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